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Credit Quality Solution – CQS

DiCOM’s Credit Quality Solution –  CQS is a powerful software solution that efficiently identifies and manages current and emerging credit risk.  The full featured, integrated solution is ideal for both Credit Administration and Loan Review departments.   The streamlined process helps easily identify emerging risk, perform efficient credit reviews and most importantly deliver impactful results by sharing meaningful information across departmental lines to facilitate fast, well-informed decision making.  CQS will enable your financial institution to easily perform deep loan portfolio analysis, increase productivity and most importantly improve credit quality.

  • Quickly Analyze Your Portfolio to Identify Emerging Risk

  • Easily Perform Risk-based Scoping

  • Customizable Worksheets for Efficient Credit Reviews

  • Seamlessly Validate Existing Financial Spreads Directly in CQS

  • “One-Click” Detail & Summary Reports

  • Scalable Credit Quality Solution for Any Size Institution

  • Large Client Ecosystem of Credit Professionals

  • Affordable Solution for Your Credit Quality Needs

Credit Administration departments are able to perform concentration and risk analysis using virtually any data element within the system in minutes.   Trending and drill down features provide immediate visibility into emerging risk.  The loan review findings integrated in the visualizations provide deep insights into emerging risk that may otherwise be missed.  Impactful visualizations and reports that support data-driven decisions are just a mouse click away!

Loan Review departments can leverage all the same portfolio analysis features or query features to quickly scope a portfolio for review.   The simple workflow with configurable worksheets saves time, creates a standard process and reduces errors.   The configurable worksheets support each institutions unique processes and capture all findings for use in risk trend analysis and reporting.  Integration with your core system or data warehouse provides reviewers visibility to all relevant information at a glance.   A full catalog of reports are just a click away so that all your hard work can be easily communicated to the rest of the organization.  A report designer tool allows customizing existing reports as well as creating brand new ones.   DiCOM’s experienced staff is also available to assist you every step of the way!

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