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Adjust your Workflows as Market/Business Needs Evolve

CQS offers the ability to customize the review workflow based on credit type, review type or other factors. For example, you can create a unique workflow for recent loan modifications and yet another workflow to be utilized for PPP loans. Additional workflow customization can be applied to industry types, loan types and more!

Easy, Efficient and Impactful Credit Reviews!

The core of the CQS product suite is the Loan Review module.  The structured and efficient workflow leveraging configurable worksheets allows more time for robust risk analysis.  At your fingertips you will have all the tools required to quickly identify and assess current and emerging risk within your portfolio for effective credit management.  Best of all, impactful summary reports based on your analysis and findings are just one click away!

  • Simple, Configurable, Automated Workflow

  • On average, clients report a staff-level efficiency increase of 20% based on reduction of manual processes and streamlined workflows

  • Efficiency gains at the management level are reported at 10% due to improved tracking, reporting and analytics capabilities

  • Summary reports include portfolio and credit trends ideally suited for board reporting

  • Smoother regulatory exams, improved insights from risk trending and analytics, process standardization, and access to our client peer group for best practices and insights

  • DiCOM’s ecosystem and commitment to continuous improvement ensures the evolving feature set will support the emerging needs of loan review organizations of all sizes

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