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Proactively Monitor Risk

The Portfolio Monitor Module enables you to continuously monitor specific credits, relationships, and credits of interest to make effective decisions that will drive the successful outcomes and monitor areas of risk. With an arsenal of powerful management tools, Portfolio Monitor provides your organization with greater understanding, awareness and control over its entire loan portfolio.

  • Ensure compliance with loan policy

  • Eliminate regulatory fire drills

  • Supports credit quality to help increase profitability

  • Identify problems early

  • Easily share borrower and note information across departments

Risk Based Scheduler

You spend time and energy in your watch list and problem loan committee meetings. Make that effort pay off by making your decisions and plans actionable.

Prove to regulators that you are in compliance with your loan policy by having a risk based scheduler remind users when to interact with a borrower or note easily define what needs to be done. A reporting environment documents what occurred. You will always know who last touched a loan, for what purpose and what they did. Eliminate fire drills preparing for regulatory exams.

Integration with CQS Loan Review allows Loan Officers to see comments made by Loan Review. Analysis from each operating group throughout the bank is available online leveraging the work done in one area across all others. A tickler feature facilitates timely and efficient follow up to monitoring activities and empowers users to establish their own unique activities and stay in control of their credit risk responsibilities.

CQS Portfolio Monitor enables you to proactively monitor your institution’s credit relationships to make effective decisions that will give your bank greater understanding, awareness and control over its entire loan portfolio.

Portfolio Monitor Features

  • System of record for tracking activities related to complying with loan policy

  • Scheduler to remind users when to monitor borrowers and notes

  • Ability to monitor changes over time to understand risk migration patterns

  • All user activity tracked to individual users

  • Immediate management access to the current status of every borrower and note

  • Know that your risk ratings accurately reflect a credit’s current status

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